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The 5th Philadelphia "World Water Day" 5K Run/Walk-a-Thon was a huge success. THANK YOU for all for your support and participation. THANK YOU to all our sponsors, to all who sent money, and to all who couldn't make it but sent support. We appreciate it!





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What is the long term solution to recurring droughts and starvation in Kenya?

Dr. Elijah Korich, founder and CEO of Keiyo Soy Ministries (KSM) believes it requires empowering communities and assisting them in identifying and developing local resources. Ascertaining sustainable development in rural Africa can only be achieved by engaging individual communities in the development of their local resources.

Preservation of natural resources, water catchments, preservation of forests, planting of trees, food self-sufficiency, crop production, livestock development, water development and irrigation, public health clinics, education, and local capacity building are among the activities Keiyo Soy Ministries is striving to achieve in the next five years. Income generating development includes production of crops for local consumption and cash crops like coffee, fruits for local markets, and eventually the exporting of these products will provide communities with foreign currency.

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Almost 20% of the world's population still lacks access to safe drinking water because of failed policies, an influential report has concluded.

World Water Facts

One billion people without access to clean drinking water

2.6 billion without adequate sanitation

Rapid urbanization increasing pressure on water resources

30-40% of water 'lost' through illegal tapping and leaks

(Source: UN World Water Report)

Dr. Elijah Korich Earns Presidential Citation

Springfield Sun

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Commendation Letter from President Obama

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Videos of Our 2010 Mission Trip to Kenya

September 14-25

Featured Speaker was Dr. Alyn Waller, Senior Pastor Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church.

Video 1 Video 2
Video 3 Video 4


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Kenya Trip

Click here for photos.

Click here for videos.

Click here for photos of the valley, the water source, laying the pipes, building the first water tank, and the dedication of the tank.

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