Board Members

Recent Projects

Keiyo Soy Ministries

Serving Kenya, East Africa

Board Members:

Dr. Elijah Korich, Founder and CEO

Mr. John P. Price, Chairman

Mr. Herbert Dean, Vice-Chairman

Mr. Ronald Coleman, Treasurer

Mrs. Truphena Korich, Secretary

Mrs. Doris Price, Executive Assistant

What We're Doing

P.O. Box 27727
Philadelphia, PA 19118


​The Katumoi Water Project has been assessed and approved by the Kenyan Government. Before approving this plan the government has taken into consideration the amount of water available at the source and the amount of water needed to serve this area of Keiyo Valley. They have taken into consideration the environmental factors and the protection of the animal habitat. The plan is well designed and a culturally appropriate service system. Both the International Board of KSM and the National Board of KSM will do semi-annual assessments of cultural and environmental factors. We plan to identify and collaborate with other agencies with a similar vision for the valley.

Sponsoring Summer Youth Programs
A series of youth programs started in 2015 to challenge youth to rise to their potential.

Providing Clean Drinking Water

Water continues to be a real need in schools. KenTank construction expansion enables students to spend more of their precious time studying and avoiding sickness at home and not traveling to distant locations to collect water which in most cases will make them sick. As of late December 2000, UNICEF reported that "over 10 million people including 1.7 million children under five years of age in Ethiopia and more than 3.3 million people in Kenya continue to be at risk."

Providing Over 100 Cataract Surgeries and Other Medical Procedures
Three Kenyan surgeons performed cataract surgeries, 3,000 screenings for diabetes, cancer, HIV, and high blood pressure for people in the Keiyo Soy Valley. We also provided over 4,000 pair of eye glasses.

Providing for School Children
We provided laptops for schools, school uniforms and shoes for school children who are in desperate need of these basics.